Diva’s Garden 3



An aluminium shape with Swarovski® crystals
and back light LED system.
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– 53 cm x 153 cm
– Aluminium shape
– Limited edition of 15 pieces
– Signed and numbered by the artist


“… We grow with adversity, we are transformed by emotions and we flourish with our dreams …”

DIVA creates an imaginary garden, inspired by moments of light and darkness where the human being goes through during its existence. A reflection of the contrasts that common life offers to us. Powerful contradictions that set our destiny, triumphs and failures, joys and sorrows.

We are invited to contemplate them, materialized through her creation, where they are shaped by silhouettes of black flowers, endowed with thousand lights that illuminate this garden of shadows.

Reflections of the human being, fragile and strong, dark and witty, in perpetual mutation.

The Light

Through a studied and careful application of thousands of Swarovski Elements in her painting, Diva creates magic, brings to life her art work. A unique and personal art, where painting and the reflection of the glass lights are integrated. The garden vegetation, seemingly somber, becomes something attractive and mysterious with the glitter of crystals.

An organic skin, created by a buildup of crystals covering these strange and alluring flowers, conferring on them a compelling effect. The sight and touch of the viewer dreams of capturing them.

 THE SHADOW, co-star of this artwork is created byte back light of each silhouette reflected on the wall. The bird raises over its shadows, floating in the air.

On a aluminium shape she applies the Swarovski crystals, using one grey color and black of Colors & Effects range.
The shadow, co-star of this artwork is created by back light LED system of each silhouette reflected on the wall.