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The  website – is run and operated by VON Luxury. The privacy policy stated below explains how information is collected, used, shared, secured or processed subsequently by, and the organization’s affiliated businesses.

The privacy policy is also an important part of the Terms and Conditions of Purchasing, which is available at Once you have accessed this website and began using it,  you explicitly agreed to all of the terms  described in the Privacy Policy, as well as in the Terms and Conditions of Purchasing.

This policy has become effective since August 20th, 2015, as we develop our services to help them evolve and perceive the basic need for collecting data in alternative ways. We may also amend or restructure the policy from time to time, while providing a date from which the amendments will made effective. All our users are encouraged to keep rechecking the website for any updates regarding the User Agreement and Privacy Policy to avoid any mishaps.

Information Collected by from Users

Generally, all our users can visit the website – without revealing any important or crucial information regarding themselves or identifying themselves with proper documents. However, if you make your request through the Contact Us page on our website, or disclose any of your personal information through any other method, we will proficiently retain the sensitive data that you provide us with.

In order to benefit from some of our services, you will need to register and to create an account through our website. When you create your individual account on, you will be asked to provide your personal information (name, address, contact numbers, email addresses, business relations), as well as any other forms of contact information.

If you open a dealer account with, you will be asked about important information such as details regarding your own organization or business, along with any trading details and re-seller associations you may have so that you can easily enter our Dealer Agreement.

All account holders on will need to create a username and password, which will be used to access your account from any remote locations or from the comfort of your own home.

The information that you provide is used to identify the registered user on the website. is essentially a marketplace that offers a platform for all dealers who wish to market their products in order to improve  sales and expose their brand  to potential buyers, who in turn, will  make much needed purchases. Our website facilitates your communication with the dealers in the sales transaction section. Once the offer has been submitted, your details are delivered to the dealers and the order is placed.

Users will be required to submit their credit card details or information regarding any alternative mode of payment, along with the shipping details for your order.By  confirming the order you irrevocably grant us the authority to charge your credit card or the payment mechanism you have provided for your requested purchase.

Our website may also collect details of visitors. These details do not necessarily identify them. The data is collected in a form that can be referred to as an aggregate – including browser details, operating system specifications, type of device, IP addresses, as well as their domains.

Local Information will always ask for users’ permissions for all mobile users, ensuring that the user permits us to access information about their current location. Location information is only collected from mobile users who permit access and have agreed to reveal those details.


Cookies, in simple terms, are files comprised to Text that are placed on the browser used by any buyer, so that our system can detect your PC and enable us to receive details about how the user is using our website.

In order to provide relevant advertising, user demographics and better overall insights, our website permits a limited amount of third-party cookies as well. Such cookies may collect details about the online activities of any user on our website over a certain period of time, as well as across multiple varying platforms. For example, we make use of Google Analytics which helps us capture an incredible amount of information by generating cookies which assess the users’ usage patterns. This information is then properly analyzed and used to create reports on the amount of activity or engagement on the website, along with providing some other relative details which are helpful in measuring the efficiency of our website.

Our website may also permit third-party services by different providers in order to place cookies through our website, as it has been indicated above, so that it can perform marketing or analytic functions where the users are notified about them and have consented to the entire terms of usage. does not control any third party cookies in terms of their usage, along with the information which results from the usage itself. We are not to be held responsible for any policies or actions of third-party cookies which have been enabled on our website.

When you use our website, your practice is deemed to be in consent of your requirements when it comes to placing cookies in the browsers on your PC or mobile device.  In case you prefer to NOT receive any cookies from the website, your browser can be customized to reject all kinds of cookies, to only allow ‘trusted’ cookies from websites that you enable, or to only receive and accept the cookies that come from any website that you may currently be using. Until and unless you customize your browser settings to reject the cookies, our website’s system will continue to issue cookies each time you access your account and use the website.

It is important to remember that by refusing to enable cookies in your browser, you will effectively be limiting the performance of our system and may not be able to use certain features of the site at all, or have to face malfunction of the features present for customers on our website.

Communication will use your personal information only accordingly with the terms of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy which are effective at the time of the usage.

Your personal details may be used for general (commercial) purposes, which include sending you communication and interaction details regarding products and services, services or products being offered by different dealers and sellers on our website, and the services or products from third-party dealers that you may be interested in.

Our primary mode of communication with our customers is email, and all relationship and transaction information between the registered customers and the registered dealers on our site are delivered to your email inbox.

Your information will also be used to verify your qualification of being a registered member, so that the content that you see on the website can be customized according to your interests. This also helps us manage the transactions that you make as necessary, along with contacting you if need be. Your information may also be used for the response of any queries you place, while also providing information on any services or products from our registered sellers after you connect with them for your prospective purchases.

International/Foreign Transfers

Any identifiable (personal) details that we receive can be held and saved on our systems within the European Union and in the systems of our offices as well as data centers in the US. This information may be accessed by our staff that is working outside the bounds of the European Union. By using our website and providing us with any personal details, all our local and international users consent to completely understanding unambiguously to the processing as well as the collection of such data.

Additionally, registered dealers on are located remotely across the globe. Due to this very nature of our commerce and to allow us to offer better services and products worldwide, your information may be ‘sent to’ or ‘held by’ dealers or merchants from any country. By using our website and providing any detailed personal information, you consent to the transfer of your personal information to third party merchants.


As our websites officially registered user, you are responsible for the maintenance of confidentiality of you log in details (username and password). Please make sure to keep your account information confidential and take all necessary steps required to protect your account from being used for any illegitimate purposes. Remember to log out after every session so that your credit card information and other details remain protected, in case you access your account from a new PC. You, as a certified user of agree to accept the liability for all of your personal actions that occur from your account. In case of any unauthorized usage or security breaches, you are urged to get in contact with us on an immediate basis.  VON Luxury reserves the right to terminate accounts, refuse service, or edit and remove any content on the basis of our sole discretion.

Our website encrypts your credit card details and any other personal data you provide using SSL technology (secure socket layer), so that we can provide secure transmissions of the data from the users’ PC to VON Luxury’s servers. Secure socket layer or SSL is a standard industry protocol for any encryption that has to take place over the internet.

While no kind of system can ever be completely secure, our implemented measures have minimized the risks of any breaches of security to a great extent, considering the nature of the information that our customers are requested to provide. Also, please note that all of the information provided by the users through emails will always be encrypted.

Please remember that the transmissions of any personal data over the internet can never be 100% secure, and even though will go to all extents possible to make sure your information is secure, no guarantees about the security of the information transferred through our  website can be made. Therefore, any transmission of personal data made by users should be done at their own risk. Once our system receives your details, however, we will stringently use all our security features and procedures to prevent any unauthorized violations of your information.

Links to Third-Party Websites

While using our website, you may be redirected to the websites of our registered dealers which is beyond the control of our system. These may include merchant or payment websites. Third party websites or mobile applications may be allowed to link to our website; however, cannot be held liable for any violations of third party polices by any party. This Privacy policy ONLY applies to, so make sure you comprehensively study the user policies of any third party affiliates.

Children’s Privacy

The is platform that has NOT been designed or intended for children and youngsters who are aged below 13. The Terms of Usage requires that all users must be at least 18 years on age or older, if the user wants to navigate through products and make a purchase. People below the age of 18 are requested to keep themselves from submitting any of rehire information to

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